Fire & Water


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Inspired by fire & the ocean.

This beautiful hand made necklace features hand painted quandong seeds, seaweed beads and shell beads. 

Our quandongs are sourced from western NSW from a quandong farm. Each seed is coated to ensure its longevity and prevent paint peeling off.

Our seaweed beads are collected in its natural form on the coastlines. When we are resource collecting, we only take what we need. A cultural philosophy that has been passed down to us. 

Seaweed beads? Yes! Our seaweed beads comes from Neptunes Necklace (Hormosira banksii). Do they smell? Definitely not! All our seaweed beads are cleaned and sun dried creating its very strong exterior. 


  • Quandong seeds
  • Shell beads
  • Neptunes Necklace seaweed (Hormosira banksii) 


  • The necklace is approximately 50cm in length 


  • Krystal Hurst 

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