I'm not Indigenous, can I wear your jewellery?

Written By Krystal Hurst - September 23 2021


November 26 2021

Thank you, really grateful for being called an ally, and for being able to wear your jewellery. Thank you for this guidance xo

November 14 2021

Thank you , so important.

Sinéad Quinn
October 27 2021

Thank you so much for this, so important to know. Privileged to wear, support and show off your amazing and beautiful culture

October 22 2021

This was really helpful can’t wait to shop!

October 22 2021

This is brilliant, thank you!!!!!

Tracey Carter
September 24 2021

Thank you for your informative commentary on how to ethically purchase real Aboriginal made products and explaining why we should think about supporting the cause. I know I will always check Trading Blak before making any more purchases.

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